Sammy Anzer is performing at Vail Comedy Festival May 26-28, 2023

Sammy Anzer (2022)

  • Queens, NY
  • Vail Comedy Festival Official Selection

Sammy Anzer is an ethnically ambiguous comedian from the most ethnically diverse streets in the world, Queens, New York. Sammy’s comedic career began at JHS 157, where he successfully sabotaged eighty periods of Earth Science and most of his sister’s birthdays. Sammy now lives in the only slightly less diverse state of Colorado, where’s he’s a cultural ambassador who gets people laughing at jokes in Russian and appreciating a Chinese man reaching across racial divides to curse at him in Spanish.

When Sammy appeared on Kevin Hart’s LOL network “You Look Like” roast battle, he lost every single one of his matches and gained notoriety for looking like “church camp Drake” and “the most handsome employee at the Taco Bell.” Sammy is also known for his appearances in the web series Comedians Doing Stuff in Denver, the 103.1 comedy radio station, the High Plains Comedy Festival, the Comedy Works New Faces Finals, and jail (twice). When he’s not pretending to write his own bio, he’s thinking about you and grateful that you took time to read about him, and he would very much like to do comedy with or for you.